Growing trend for tranquillity in the kitchen this autumn

14th September 2023

With September well under way, many homeowners are now turning their attentions away from holidays and the great outdoors and focusing on their homes. Bringing some of the outdoors in is a great way to instil some calm and tranquillity into your home and this autumn sees an emerging trend towards creating a real sense of serenity in the kitchen – the heart of home for so many families.

Avanti Kitchens, based in the West Midlands, offers luxurious yet calming kitchen designs to help you create your ideal oasis of tranquillity. By opting for a fitted kitchen design that uses natural textures and earthy, neutral tones, an Avanti kitchen provides a feeling of harmony and peace.

In our hectic modern world, the kitchen should be a refuge from stress and chaos. So far in 2023, interior design experts have noted a shift away from stark, minimalist kitchens in favour of warmer, more inviting styles. The autumn season lends itself perfectly to this cosier aesthetic.

As winter fast approaches, it won’t be long before we are all yearning for that warm and comfort feeling within our homes. Soft, indirect lighting, natural materials and muted colour palettes allow us to retreat into a private haven.

Opting for earthy tones for that grounding Effect

You may be surprised just how much affect the colours you choose for your kitchen can impact your mood. Cool blues and greys lend a sleek, modern look but can also feel sterile and cold at times. In contrast, earthy neutrals like beige, brown, tan and cream have an innately soothing effect and have been shown to help calm the mind.

Terracotta and sandstone induce the textures of nature to instil calm, while also providing a subtle element of warmth. Avanti Kitchens offers cabinetry and counters in natural wood grains and organic hues to help ground your space. The earthy, neutral tones of an Avanti Kitchen design speak to our natural desire for warmth, comfort and security.

Incorporating Natural materials in to your kitchen design

The materials you select for your fitted kitchen should also promote its tranquillity. We at Avanti offer a selection of ranges and worktops made from natural materials. Granite countertops provide a cool, solid surface that ages beautifully and the natural beauty of solid wood worktops brings a subtle yet calming essence of nature into the home. The authenticity of these textures connects us to the outdoors and appeals to our senses.

Avanti – creating the perfect kitchen sanctuary

As a trusted kitchen design company based in the West Midlands, we at Avanti Kitchens build spaces perfect for savouring your morning coffee, making comforting meals and enjoying quality time with loved ones. The thoughtful use of earthy elements and tactile finishes helps manage stress and clear your mind.

This autumn, make your kitchen a sanctuary from the turmoil of life. We will partner with you to design your personal oasis using a range of natural materials and earthy tones to create calm amidst the chaos. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or visit one of our showrooms to discuss your requirements with our friendly sales team.

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