An efficient, as well as a practical refrigerator, is vital for any kitchen. Of course, the meaning of these changes depending on the space available for the cooling appliance. As a result, fridges and freezers need to be available in many different shapes and sizes, whilst including a range of built-in, fully integrated design options that match any style.

That’s why, when designing your kitchen space with Avanti, we offer a variety of cooling solutions from a vast selection of suppliers. Indeed, this is exactly Why You Should Choose Avanti. Whether you’re searching for a door fridge, a fridge freezer, a wine cooler or any other system we’ll have a solution that’s ideal for your kitchen space!

Products at Avanti

Our range of products includes all of the following. Find something that’s perfect for your household!


Save more, waste less. The Bosch range of built-in fridge freezers saves money thanks to their energy efficiency rating. They are also packed with innovative technology to keep your food fresher for longer, so you’ll throw out less and save on your weekly shopping bill.


Caple can do it. Choose from tall column fridges, freezer combinations or compact under-counter models. How about an entirely separate fridge and freezer located in different spots around the kitchen? There are also tall all-in-one models that fit neatly into a single space.


Neff are constantly working to improve their range fridges and freezers, so there’s something for everyone. Whether it’s a large American style fridge freezer that can cope with the demands of a hungry family, or a fridge freezer that integrates seamlessly into your kitchen furniture.


An integrated kitchen without limitations, thanks to a full range of full-size fridge freezers in a range of sizes, it’s possible to create combinations that fit your lifestyle and ideal integrated kitchen design.

Products At Avanti

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